Finding Your Chicago Irish

March 17th-that time of year when Chicago dyes its river
green, revelers line the parade routes, beer takes on the hue
of the shamrock, and Irish musicians tune their fiddles and
play the old favorites-that one day when everyone is Irish. 
But what about the rest of the year? The other 364 days? If
you find yourself suffering from withdrawal for the sheer want
of an Irish experience, take a look at what's inside this book,
for Finding Your Chicago Irish is your guide to Irish in Chicago and suburbs. Check out the many fine Irish organizations
and clubs to join, educational opportunities and scholarships
to pursue, trolley tours of Irish neighborhoods to enlighten, traditional music sessions to attend, Irish theater to entertain, festivals to hear the music and experience the culture, Bloomsday celebrations to commemorate James Joyce, sporting events, genealogy, citizenship, Irish dog breeds, and how about an Irish cruise or a recipe for soda bread? These, plus many more events and opportunities, will keep you busy throughout the year and help you get connected to your Irish.  Click Here to Purchase Book

It's finally been written-a guide, a GPS of sorts, for everything Irish in Chicago. If you're thinking it's a pub book or a collection of limericks, thing again. Sure, you'll find pubs listed in this book, but you'll be directed to the pubs where true Irish musicians perform the traditional Irish music. There are tips to impress the pub crowd, but this book beyond all the paddywackery of the jokes and the offensive reference to the drink and raises the bar; this book represents the heart and soul of Irish heritage and culture in Chicago.

Locate Chicago's Irish theater, film, educational opportunities, dance, music, heritage centers, sports, parades, organizations, and clubs, St. Patrick's Day activities, and performers. Discover the Irish language. Learn about the radio and TV stations that cater to Chicago's Irish and Irish American community. Identify your favorite specialty stores that stock all things Irish. Get cozy with an Irish newspaper, a brisk cup of Irish tea, and delicious homemade soda bread right from your oven-family recipes are included. Longing for a faithful companion? Familiarize yourself with Irish dog breeds listed herein. And for those looking to indulge in a worthwhile endeavor, take a gander at the genealogy section-turn dates into names and forgotten people into family. Explore the possibility of becoming an Irish citizen.

Tuck this book into your backpack, briefcase, saddlebag, or glove box. Consider storing an extra copy on the table next to your bed or easy chair. Keep it handy, because this is your field guide-a comprehensive, informative, and fun book for the tourist in all of us.

Sláinte! And enjoy the journey.

About The Author 
Sharon Shea Bossard is an Irish citizen who earned her master's degree in Education from Chicago's Northeastern Illinois University. Curious about her Irish family's experiences as struggling immigrants in Chicago, she meticulously recorded their lives. That venture took an interesting turn with the successful publication of her first book, Finding My Irish, where she not only reveals to her readers the difficulties and rewards of the search, but also tells the story of her grandparents' journey from rural County Roscommon to the modern city of Chicago in 1903. Earning excellent reviews in all major Irish and Irish American publications, her book has been featured on numerous radio and television talk shows in Ireland, and the United States. Her writing has appeared in the Irish Genealogical Society International magazine, and she continues to address professional organizations throughout the country, inspiring others to embark on their own journey of discovery.

Sharon is a member of Chicago's Irish American Heritage Center, Gaelic Park, County Roscommon Midwest Association, County Kerry Club of Chicago, Illinois Women's Press Association, and the Writer's Workshop in Barrington. 

Click here to learn more about the publisher, Lake Claremont Press.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1:  Cinema and Theatre
     Show Me The Movies!
     Cutain Up!  Dim The Lights!

Chapter 2: 
Music, Dance, and Performance

     Rosin Up The Bow!
     Instrument Makers
     Get Your Jig On!
     Fire In the Kitchen!

Chapter 3:  Organizations and Clubs
     Get Connected!

Chapter 4: 
Education, Language, and Media

     Light Your Fire!
     From the Irish Sort of English to the      Real Deal!
     Just the Facts!

Chapter 5:  Sports
      Irish Sports
     Other Sports

Chapter 6:  Pubs and Restaurants
     Where the Good Craic is!
     Authentic Irish Music Sessions
     Pubs, Restaurants, and Outdoor
     Just Good Craic and Occasional

Chapter 7: 
March and St. Patrick’s Day

     Take in a Parade or Two or Three!
     Wearin’ O’ the Green!

Chapter 8: 
Events, Festivals, and Tourism

     Annual Events and Festivals
     Travel and Tourism

Chapter 9:  Shopping
     Internet Shopping

Chapter 10:  Canines
     Irish Dog Breeds

Chapter 11:  Citizenship and genealogy
     Irish Citizenship
     The Search

Chapter 12:  Recipes and Cooking
      What’s Cookin’!

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