“An Inspiring Memoir of Sharon Shea Bossard’s
Relentless Quest To Unlock Her Irish Heritage”

A letter mailed from Valentia Island, County Kerry, Ireland, in 1949 provides an important link that connects family in America to cousins in Ireland. Extensive research through archival records in Dublin as well as vital information gathered in America furnishes the author and her husband with the information necessary to locate the villages, townlands, cemeteries, and parishes of her great-grandparents. Centuries-old family cottages are located and “treasures” are revealed. Secrets are uncovered and attached to those secrets are heartbreaking accounts of lives rife with hardships, unhappiness, and fierce family pride... (Learn More)

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"Finding Your Chicago Irish"
Your field guide to Irish in Chicago and suburbs

March 17th—that time of year when Chicago dyes its river green, revelers line the parade routes, beer takes on the hue of the shamrock, and Irish musicians tune their fiddles and play the old favorites—that one day when everyone is Irish.  But what about the rest of the year?  The other 364 days?  If you find yourself suffering from withdrawal for the sheer want of an Irish experience, take a look at what’s inside this book, for Finding Your Chicago Irish is your guide to Irish in Chicago and suburbs.  Check out the many fine Irish organizations and clubs to join, educational opportunities and scholarships to pursue, trolley tours of Irish neighborhoods to enlighten, traditional music sessions to attend... (Learn More)

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Sharon Shea Bossard

Sharon Shea Bossard has been involved in researching her Irish roots for more than three years. Sharon began to wonder about her Irish when she realized that she and her siblings had no memory of family events or stories to tell their children. The author recalled family stories perceived through parents' whispered accusations, and she grew up believing that being Irish was akin to suffering from a dreaded disease--you knew you had it and lived with it as best you could. (Learn More)

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