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And so, we write because…

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My first trip to Ireland connected me to the island, home of my ancestors.  Connected me in a such a way that it changed my view on family, offering glimpses into their unhappiness.  How did their suffering become ours?  Growing up, I remember my mother honoring the patron saint of Ireland every St. Patrick’s Day […]

Irish passport

Irish Citizenship through Foreign Birth Registration

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The excitement of possessing an Irish passport can be the reward of all your hard work in locating Irish documents.  All you need to qualify is to have proof of one Irish born grandparent.  You’ll need to provide the Irish government with your grandparent’s civil birth certificate.  It’s a huge document that contains a wealth […]

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Satisfying that insatiable curiosity for finding your Irish

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It can begin as a casual look through the Ellis Island ship records, a phone call to an elderly family member, or combing through family albums/bibles/old letters for names and dates.  If this all pans out and you feel you’ve gathered enough information on ancestors’ surnames, Irish counties, townlands, Catholic parishes, etc., you’re ready to […]